The Library

The library’s stock currently consists of nearly 4500 books.
The collection of the library includes: books for children and for young people, books about childcare, child-rearing and child-education, environmental books and publications, literature and bestsellers.

We welcome book donations, especially books for children and young people, and also publications about environmental education and related to natural science, books about local history, board games, and filmstrips.

The tender of “Wide Open Door” – “Knowledge Depo-Express” In Wekerle made by the Culture House and Library of Wekerle has ended. The obtained amount at the TÁMOP 3.2.4-09/1/KMR-2010-0010 tender we have appropriated for the library’s technological development, to expand the services, to deliver occasional lectures, and to organise events of promoting a culture of reading.

The library’s stock data has been integrated in an integrated library system, and a barcode lending system established.  The library’s own bilingual (Hungarian-English) homepage has been developed, on which near the catalogue system a separate children’s section can be found, and a bibliography about the descriptions of the history of Wekerle's local built heritages.  The Association Society of Wekerle has contributed to the development of this website. There is the possibility on the website to reserve books, and to extend library loans.

For adults: 700 Ft/year
For students and pensioners: 350 Ft/year
The library is free for our visitors under 16 and over 65 years.



The old library in 1966
And now